Penalties: For the late filing of Company Accounts (CT600)

If you miss filing or payment deadlines imposed by HMRC or Companies House you will face various penalties or tiered fines based on the degree of lateness.

Companies House

Ordinarily, the due date for accounts is 9 months after the accounting period end.
You’ll have to pay penalties if you don’t file your accounts with Companies House by the deadline.

Time after the deadline
Penalty (for private limited companies)
Up to 1 month£150
1 to 3 months£375
3 to 6 months£750
More than 6 months£1,500

Penalties for public limited companies are different.
The penalty is doubled if your accounts are late 2 years in a row.


The normal filing deadline date is 12 months after the accounting period end: This is extended to the deadline for submitting the relevant accounts to Companies House if later.

The current rules are:

Miss filing deadline£100
3 months late£100
6 months late10% of unpaid tax
12 months late10% of unpaid tax

The flat rate penalties are increased if the failure to meet the filing deadline is the third consecutive failure:

Miss filing deadline£500
3 months late£500
6 months late10% of unpaid tax
12 months late10% of unpaid tax

Late payment

There are no late payment penalties for corporation tax. However, interest is charged on outstanding tax due.

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