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Registered Office Service

In order to trade as a limited company in the UK, you must have a registered office address in the UK. If you are operating your business from home or are a company operating internationally that requires an officially-registered UK address, then our registered office service can be your ideal solution.

How the Accountspoint Registered Office Service Works

For just £60 + VAT per year, we allow you to use our office address for your company. This fee also includes the receipt and processing of all your company’s mail. Should we receive anything which requires your immediate attention, we will contact you right away.

The Benefits of Choosing our Registered Office Service

There are many advantages to having a registered office. Not only do you ensure the privacy of your residential address, but it also allows you to avoid having to deal with unsolicited junk mail. We send you only that mail which pertains to your business, including government correspondence.

What is not covered under our Registered Office Service?

Although you can use our registered office service for your limited company, it cannot be used for the company’s officers, such as directors and secretaries, nor can it be used as an address for shareholders.

Why Choose Accountspoint?

The registered office, business and financial and accounting services we offer make us a one-stop solution for businesses. We handle all of the time-consuming aspects of your company so that you can focus on other important duties.

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