Starting Up in Business

Want to be sure that Accountspoint is right for you? When you contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation, we will answer all your questions and show you how much your business can benefit by working with us.

We pride ourselves on giving our clients the highest level of service.

  • We can meet with you to explain how best to manage your business.
  • Explain which expenses you can claim for through your business.
  • Explain how you will be financially affected.
  • Advise on and help set up your accounting system.
  • Answer any questions you may have.

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We can form your new limited company at Companies House for you, usually within the same day. If you sign up with one of our monthly accountancy packages we don’t charge for the company formation. In fact, you will only start paying us when you start trading.

The directors and shareholders will be registered by us and we’ll take care of issuing the share certificates for you.

Form your company with Accountspoint

We will advise on how to ensure your new company is structured for maximum tax efficiency.
We will help with the set up of your business, provide advice on your business structure and have everything in place prior to you starting to trade; and you’ll receive our services free of charge until to start trading.

We can advise on how to keep your accounting records in order – and for our monthly fee clients provide you with free accounting software to help you with your business.

Our current software partners are QuickBooks and FreeAgent.

If you manage a limited company, as a legal entity it needs a separate bank account to handle financial transactions related to the business. It’s also common sense to keep your business’s financial affairs separate from your own.

For this reason, we also advise non-corporate businesses to operate through a separate bank account.

We understand that when you are starting out in business, you’ll need a little more assistance, so we don’t put limits on how often you contact us for advice.

You’ll get the same quality support from us to help you and your start up business, liaise with HMRC on your behalf and much more.

When you join Accountspoint, we will complete agent authorisations with HMRC to allow us to discuss and manage your taxes with HMRC.