Company Formation fees

Get your new venture up and running

A one-off fixed fee to get your new limited company going

To make it easy to get an idea of the value we offer at a glance we’ve put together service packages that show exactly what you get for your money. In the case of the company formation, that also includes a free option if you sign up for one of our monthly small business accounting packages.

What does our limited company setup service include?

How do limited companies work?

A limited company is a legal entity on its own, separate from the company’s owner. Limited companies pay corporation tax on their net profits.

Shareholders are recognised as having ownership in a limited company via the purchase of shares.

As the director or shareholder of a limited company, the law requires you to file self-assessment tax returns each year. These returns will form the basis of your personal taxes.

How to minimise tax and insurance liability

Your personal liability is equal to the amount of nominal share capital you’ve invested into your limited company. This fact makes trading under this structure a major advantage.

Extracting money from your company requires paying yourself either a salary as an employee or dividends as an owner. It is via a combination of these two factors that your national insurance liability and overall tax can be minimised.


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How can we help your business?

Businesses have different needs depending on their sector, their size and where they are on their journey towards growth.

From support with the important day-to-day functions such as bookkeeping and accounts to strategic advice on tax, efficiency and technology, we’re ready to deliver the right packages of services for you.

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