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What are the April 2024 tax changes?

Notable changes came into effect on 6 April, including the dividend allowance, employee National Insurance contributions (NICs), and the threshold for high-income child benefit starting at the beginning of the new tax year.   Tax adjustments The dividend...

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MPs warn unfair banking is harming small firms

The Treasury Committee has warned about the negative impacts of unfair banking practices and inadequate financial regulation on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The report, stemming from an inquiry into SME access to finance, highlights the struggles these...

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Government launches online NI payments tool

HMRC, in collaboration with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), has unveiled an innovative online tool designed to help individuals verify gaps in their National Insurance (NI) contributions from 2006. The "Check your State Pension Forecast" tool aims to...

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Payments on Account (Self Assessment)

Payments on account Payments on account are advance payments towards your tax bill. You have to make 2 payments on account every year unless: your last self assessment tax bill was less than £1,000 you’ve already paid more than 80% of all the tax you owe, for example...

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Payroll payments – via Modulr

As a small business owner, you know how much of a headache paying employees can be. With Modulr, your accountant can take payroll off your hands – preparing and managing all payments securely. Not only will it save you time – it takes the pressure off them, too....

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What is a Confirmation Statement?

From 30th June 2016 a limited company’s annual return was changed to its current form with the introduction of the confirmation statement. The change intended to make filing company information just a little easier. What changed? Under the annual returns...

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Year end guide for Limited Companies

A company’s year end brings certain obligations to carry out for limited company directors. We have set out below some key responsibilities and deadline dates by when tasks are required to be completed. Firstly, the year end date is the date to which the company will...

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Advantages of a limited company structure

A limited company is a type of business structure that has been incorporated at Companies House as a legal ‘person’. It is completely separate from its owners, it can enter into contracts in its own name and is responsible for its own actions, finances and...

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Tax on Property Investment

Investment in property has been and continues to be a popular form of investment by many people. It is seen as a route by which:        relatively secure capital gains can be made on an eventual sale income returns can be generated throughout the period of ownership...

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Contractors guide

As an accountancy firm which provides services for contractors and freelancers, we are often asked all sorts of questions by people who are thinking about contracting for the first time. So we have summarised the options you have for setting up a suitable structure...

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